Thank you for considering my work as your source for professional massage therapy in Los Angeles. This medically based approach addresses your need for pain relief, stress management, deep relaxation and health/fitness enhancement.  With a 15 year history serving as a massage therapist, practitioner of naturopathic medicine, acupuncture scholar and holistic fitness instructor, I have dedicated my practice to combining the art and science of Massage Therapy into an intuitive, yet concisely technical means to improving your quality of life.  

Massage therapy is now recognized by the mainstream medical establishment as far more than a mere luxury.  Receiving regular treatments is an essential component to your wellness regimen.  This is as important as regular exercise or a sensible diet. I am committed to raising the bar on your experience of health and fitness and we can discuss any matters regarding natural approaches to health during your session.  My intention is to bridge the art and science of therapeutic massage into an experience that holds you in present time and leads you (body,mind, spirit) with a pragmatic intention towards higher states of health, fitness, and clarity. It feels absolutely wonderful to have a skilled massage therapy session.  And feeling wonderful is just the beginning...

By regularly experiencing these deeply relaxing benefits, you are raising the quality of your integrative health and fitness as your body heals and restores at sublime levels.  This betters your prospects for longevity and a more rarified experience of life.  Massage therapy is an awesome way to develop your capacity to hold onto the priceless values of comfort, resilience, clarity and peace.

There are a wide variety of modalities available here at the studio. Please click on the "Services & Rates" page to learn more about the various techniques we use in our work.

I invite you to call (323) 896-8616 to set up an immediate appointment or click on the "Contact Me" page and write in. I will respond to any questions and confirm the details of your appointment within 24 hours.

Thanks for visiting!

Brett Chilton, CMT

Clinic Director & Lead Massage Therapist