History and CV

My training began in 1993 when I decided to diverge from training in Allopathic Medicine in order to dedicate my efforts to the Holistic Healing Arts of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Clinical Nutrition and Massage Therapy. This decision was based upon a compelling observation that the conventional medical model of our modern science is suited toward the treatment of illness and injury once it has reached a point of crisis; showing symptoms of pain and disease.  Once a diagnosis is ascertained, curative therapy is administered and the disease is neutralized as effectively as possible.  The problem with this approach is that the body mind has already suffered significant harm in its degeneration from a state of health.

There is a sure way to heal the body with a positive focus on enhancing the qualitative value of Optimum Health, rather than merely allowing the body to revert to the default version of "health"; which is in most cases defined as the mere absense of illness symptoms. In most cases, illness and injury occurs because our state of health and fitness has gradually declined due to compounded stresses, sructural and chemical imbalances in the physiology, dietic errors, and improper emotional management. We rarely feel this sneaking up on us until it is too late.  

The "cure" for a disease does not adequately address this aforementioned degeneration, and it often furthers a weakened state of health because symptoms do not equate to cause.  Just because symptoms have been eliminated does not necessarily mean that the actual cause for disease has been addressed. The condition continues to deepen or mutate until a new set of symptoms present themselves. Ideally, we are not subject to disease when we are healthy and free from excessive stress. As effective as our modern medicine has become in remedying trauma and in routing out various infectious, environmental, and endogenous diseases, it has not attempted to address the essential questions that foster adequate preventative care and the preservation/enhancement of ones natural state of balance, comfort, longevity, happiness, and empowerment as an evolving, conscious organism.  

This practice is fully integrated into relentless pursuit of the holistic model of health in interest to preserving not only the longevity of my patients but most importantly to co-create higher states of health & fitness for all facets of ones humanity; Mind...Body...Spirit.  

The value of our time is measured in so many different ways.  You choose these relative markers for yourself.  Regardless of your personal lifestyle choices, a constant value of health and fitness remains an essential basis for your experience.  In my care you will find support for restoring and building health and wellness upon the essential character of your innate potential. Once this is restored, you will naturally experience the highest quality of life as you enjoy what interests you most. 

In traditional cultures, the physicians are paid to keep their patrons well.  It is understood that health and fitness is a value of perfection that we pursue. It is a way of life. The healer is one who is entrusted with the responsibility of foreseeing and correcting imbalances to the physiology before they cause damage to this precious value of health. The more subtle the diagnostic skill of the physician, the greater the mastery and subsequent usefulness to those served.  The earlier an imbalance is detected and remedied, the easier it is to correct.  Unnecessary illness and injury is viewed as a failing of the professional skill of the master. Once symptoms surface, an illness has advanced into the obvious.  

The same reasoning applies to you...To wait until you are sick before proactively maintaining your health is a failing in your personal responsibility to show up in life as the most awesome, powerful, beautiful creature that you are capable of embodying in this moment and into the future.  You owe it to yourself -- and to those who admire and rely on you -- to put forth the preventative maintenance that will keep you at your best.  Wherever you are today, you can begin improving on your constitution immediately by investing in a future that is guaranteed to reward you with an evermore enjoyable experience of being who you are.

It seems most fitting that the doctor is taken off the payroll if his patient becomes ill, doesn't it? I challenge you to honestly evaluate where you are routinely spending your attention, money, and time.  Consider the beneficial cost to care for yourself with routine massage therapy treatments and related holistic care--all of which are curiously pleasant--compared to the grievous costs of self neglect such as lost work, diagnostic medical attention, medicines, lowered productivity, injury, pain, fatigue, inelegant aging, etc.  How about that for conflicts of interest?

Consider the minimal costs of self care an enjoyable, entertaining rider to your health insurance plan.  Skilled massage therapy sessions with holistic health counseling 1-4 times / month is your ideal form of health insurance.

The values of serenity, personal excellence, bliss and longevity have been preserved for thousands of years through the traditions of my work.  I offer you an unprecedented opportunity to take your health and fitness to the next level as you explore and fulfill your own personal definition of the ideal human experience.  My promise to you is that you will experience ever new joy and integrity while in my care by intentionally deepening your connection to the native source of your vitality.

Massage therapy coupled with an understanding of holistic health and our shared transpersonal experience is one of the most effective ways of restoring this connection.  By relaxing deeply into your own spirit of excellence, you will reap precious benefits that build exponentially upon the previously established values. The better it gets, the better it gets! There is no greater journey in this universe for humanity than the journey within.  It is the doorway to the most remarkable territory ever discovered.  And whats more?  It all belongs to you!

Curriculum Vitae

Thus far, I have studied at numerous institutes over the years; most notably the Maharishi University College of Ayurveda and Vedic studies, the International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine, Yo San University of Oriental Medicine and The California Healing Arts Master Massage Therapist program.  I have traveled the world to train with traditional healers on 4 continents and have been advised by these masters to, "...authentically embody what it is that I seek to deliver to my patients."  We are charged with more than mere technical aptitude as health care workers.  We are required to prove for ourselves that such things are true and worthy of our consideration and to hold dear the creedo, "Heal Thy Self."  In such case, I hold the deepest sympathy for your situation and the lifestyle that you choose for your Self.  I will support you in whatever orientation you abide in.

With over 15 years of training and practice in therapeutic body work, I combine a wide array of holistic and therapeutic techniques into a unique and completely personalized approach to your individual body. 

In Joy,

Brett M. Chilton, CMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Holistic Fitness Instructor