On the day of your Massage Therapy session consider abstaining from any alcohol, caffeine, sugar, or processed foods.  This permits you to be completely open to the subtle, energetic suggestions of the work.  These substances tend to create patterns of tension in the body, mind, and spirit that can be resistant to the gentler aspects of my touch.

Avoid eating anything too heavy 2 hours before your appointment time.  It is best to only take fruit or juice in these two hours in order remain most comfortable while receiving the therapy.

If you have time, shower just prior to visiting with an alternating current of hot and cold water for 45 seconds each for 3-5 sets.  This is a highly effective way to temporarily minimize chronic holding patterns.  It works both neurologically and through the circulatory system to flush the tissues of the body.

Arrive a few minutes before the session begins and let yourself in with the access code I provide when you book your appointment. If the office door is open, come on in.  If it is closed, please wait in the courtyard and I will be out just before we are scheduled to begin.  This office is located in a mixed use building on the first floor in suite 102.