What to Expect

You will experience an oceanic style that flows into the specifics with deep currents of technical mastery, intuitive touch and compassionate intent. With 15 years of practice and training in many disciplines, I offer you an unprecedentedly effective approach to deepening your perception of mind body bliss; carefully holding the space for you to enjoy a safe, rejuvenating experience that enhances your sensuality, strength, flexibility, and resilience while supporting transcendence into your most profound comfort of body, mind, and spirit.  All positive values arise from comfort... 

Through the mixed media of my work, you will inevitably discover a heightened awareness of your mind, body, spirit gradually connecting to ever more subtle levels of your humanity while working through and building upon your unique healing process.  My approach does not create crisis in the sense of "healing crisis".   It is more effective to approach healing with a gentle attitude of comfort and ease rather than through suffering and struggle. We will strike a balance between the values that compliment one another as you release your illusionary perception of opposition and embrace the nature of harmony.  All aspects of your health and fitness depend upon you holding an intentional orientation towards harmony.  This is the key to the holistic model of nature. 

I work responsibly between practical and esoteric values; maintaining equal respect for the art and  science of massage therapy and holistic medicine.  I blend the cyclical reasoning and "energy" of traditional Eastern thought with the matter of fact empiricism of our Western "scientific" tradition.  I am just as comfortable working in terms of the harmony of yin and yang, the five elements and chi as I am with anatomy, physiology, and double blind, evidence based, placebo controlled studies.  You will find no make-believe here and no hype; only results that you are free to evaluate for yourself.

Following a session, many are often in a highly relaxed state.  The experience is often likened to a dream like state of consciousness.  Be gentle with yourself in the minutes and hours immediately following. Enjoy the open space that has been created. Try to avoid intense physical or emotional stimulation for at least a couple of hours.  The results will be more fully anchored into the psyche and physicality if you preserve this sensation of peace and ease for as long as your memory will hold it.  Then...come on back in and we will reboot the system again!  The better it gets, the better it gets...   

IMPORTANT---Your reaction time will be slower than you are accustomed to for about 15 minutes after you stand back up. This somewhat altered perception is a temporary reaction to the holistic nature of the treatment and you will inevitably reintegrate into a state of relaxed focus that is more pleasant, resilient and awake than before you arrived.

I advise that you wait at least 15 minutes following a session before driving just to be sure that you are completely present again. Eat light for 12 hours following and drink as much water as you can comfortably consume with a pinch of sea salt to each serving.